White Bird in a Blizzard


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 24782


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Shailene Woodley as Kat Connors
Eva Green as Eve Connors
Thomas Jane as Detective Scieziesciez
Christopher Meloni as Brock Connors
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by canadian58 3 / 10

Predictable, gloomy, and boring.

Kat's mother up and disappears. Kat immediately starts sleeping with the detective on the case. There are flashbacks where we see Kat's mother treating her like a pet "cat" and being a cold hearted bitch to her father. Kat has dreams of walking through a snowstorm and her mother calling her name. Kat's boyfriend acts suspiciously when Kat comes home from college. There is a flashback scene when the freezer in the basement becomes unplugged by accident and stinks up the house. As soon as this scene occurs, the ending is obvious. The snowstorm represents the inside of the freezer, where Kat's mother's body is. Her dad killed her mother and hid the body in the freezer. Except we have no sympathy for Kat, who tells her therapist that she doesn't miss her mother at all, and just wants to sleep with guys. Nor any for her mother, who right from the start, like stated earlier, is just a cold hearted bitch. And of course, there has to be a homosexual element to the story, as every single movie and TV show has these days. Skip this movie. It's a waste of 90 minutes.

Reviewed by InaneSwine 6 / 10

Quite an enjoyable watch

The film's intentionally awkward and disjointed style takes quite a while to settle into, as the clumsy dialogue and impenetrable story juxtapose with beautiful images and music. But once you get your head round everything, it is quite an enjoyable watch, the main attraction here being the impressive cast - particularly Shailene Woodley's sensitive character, Eva Green's wonderfully cartoonish performance and the breath of fresh air from the comical Gabourey Sidibe and Mark Indelicato.

Overall, I would recommend the film; but if you miss it, I wouldn't fret too much.

Reviewed by jackcwelch23 3 / 10

A strangely indifferent story.

This film is so nonchalant in its storytelling you feel as if the whole thing has been told to you by someone who's been awake for 24 hours and is just about to pass out. Shailene Woodley gives a strong performance but plays an unlikeable self indulgent bore. I couldn't care less about her story and her discoveries because there was nothing to root for. No real sense that the character is a worthwhile one to watch change. The signature seduction scene is cringeworthy and very unsettling, like seeing someone rip a band aid off as slowly as possible. Although for anyone interested, she does indeed have a lovely pair of breasts.

At a brisk 91 minutes, we have little time to spend with these characters and the time we do spend with them we neither enjoy or get much in the way of insight or thought. Eva Green was potentially interesting but unexplored, nothing but a mystery. Do we care about this weird, cruel mid life crisis having woman? i did not. She Probably shouldn't have gotten married seeing as it conflicted with her wild child personality. Chirstopher Meloni sits around a lot wearing a moustache but again is one dimensional. Shiloh Fernandez is pretty good at playing a complete dope but again has little else to latch onto. Overall it's just a tepid, boring drama. The colourful cinematography and cool soundtrack is great but there's just so little substance it equals naught.

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